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Colorado FAMLI Deductions Have Begun – What’s Next for this Program During 2023?

At the start of 2023, employers across the state of Colorado began collecting premiums to fund the FAMLI program, which will provide paid family and medical leave to Colorado workers starting in 2024. Employees will be able to file claims to draw from the fund beginning January 2024. A wealth of information has already been released from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and it can be overwhelming as an employer to stay informed. Here are a few of the key milestones the program anticipates during 2023 and into 2024, and how you can stay in the loop:

January 1, 2023: Employers begin deducting premiums from employees and setting aside their employer contribution. Employers must post the 2023 Required Program Notice in a prominent area in the workplace. InTANDEM HR emailed this poster to client contacts, and posted to the ESS. Resources for this posting and other communications to employees can be found in the FAMLI Toolkit on the CDLE website.

March 31, 2023: The FAMLI Division anticipates the process for approving private plan applications will be up and running by this date, though the functionality is not yet available. Employers can find information on private plans on the FAMLI section of the CDLE website in the meantime.

April 30, 2023: Employers must be registered and have a My FAMLI+ Employer account. First premium payments are due from Q1. InTANDEM HR has handled this for our clients.

July 31, 2023: Premium payments are due from Q2.

October 31, 2023: Premium payments are due from Q3. Private plans must be approved by this date in order for employers to request a refund for 2023 premiums. Private plan information can be found on the CDLE’s FAMLI website here.

No later than December 31st, 2023: InTANDEM HR will update all existing client’s Employee Handbooks to reflect pertinent FAMLI information. 

January 1, 2024: Employee can start filing claims for benefits.

January 31, 2024: Premium payments are due from Q4.

With all this slated to occur in 2023 (and more to come!), what can an employer do to stay on top of deadlines and changes?

Town Halls: These virtual one-hour sessions provide the basics of the program and a Q&A at the end – to RSVP for the 2/28 or 3/21 sessions (available in English or Spanish), use this form. The CDLE anticipates offering hybrid sessions in Summer of 2023.

Webinars: Recordings of prior informational webinars on a variety of FAMLI-related topics are available to view here on the CDLE website. You can also see a list of upcoming webinars on that page.

Newsletter: Register for the FAMLI newsletter and stay up to date on newly released information, deadlines and other important details about the FAMLI program.

Connect with Professionals: Reach out to us! As a Colorado-based PEO, we are up to speed and ready to help you and your employees navigate through this new benefit. Contact your InTANDEM HR Account Manager or HR Director with questions.