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From financial services to non-profit, InTANDEM HR can meet all your needs and exceed your expectations from HR management, payroll, benefits and safety & risk management.



Businesses that use a PEO are 50%
less likely to go out of business.

InTANDEM HR provided a local organization the ability to offer robust benefits to their staff at a 20% reduction in costs, allowing the company to contribute more to each employee’s benefit payment and to offer a better variety of benefit options to their valued employees.


Medical providers don’t go to school to become HR administrators. InTANDEM HR can help.

By taking care of a local medical practice’s back office HR needs, InTANDEM HR helped them take the HR execution like payroll, onboarding and benefit management off their to-do list so they could focus on what they do best: providing the best possible care to their patients.


InTANDEM HR helps local startups achieve growth
trajectories through hands-on support.

A local startup came to InTANDEM HR for help because their young workforce made it challenging to offer a competitive benefits package. InTANDEM HR made this process effortless, finding the best plans, pricing and overall benefit offering. These benefit plans helped to make this startup’s employee retention rate higher than their competition.


Your employees are your most valuable asset.
InTANDEM HR helps you keep them safe.

InTANDEM HR worked with a local company that has been in operation since 1963 and who has always paid 100% of their employee benefit plans. When hit with the economic downturn, InTANDEM HR was able to provide cost savings so this company could continue to offer their employees 100% paid benefits.


We help local non-profits focus on their core mission without the typical burdens of HR administration.

InTANDEM HR helped a local non-profit offer a very strong benefit plan to their employees. Year over year, InTANDEM HR helps make it easier for this non-profit to manage their HR needs so they can do the important work they were founded to do in this community.


InTANDEM HR helps you manage all of your HR needs so you can spend more time running your business.

InTANDEM HR has helped a local retail business grow by keeping their payroll, taxes, and compliance on track. Taking these back office duties off their list gives the business more time to focus on sales and inventory management.


“We love to work with
Their team is so responsive and we really feel they are a true partner who cares about what’s best for our staff and our operations.”

A Local Non-Profit

“InTANDEM HR has our back. We know we can trust that they have gone out to the market to shop for the best possible benefits package we can offer to our staff. The larger buying power we gain through the PEO relationship makes our package better than our competition.”

Software Company

“InTANDEM HR’s service in every aspect from insurance to payroll to managing complex employee concerns is unparalleled. They are personable and feel more like teammates than business associates. If I was going to summarize InTANDEM HR’s business model in a phrase, it would be “service with integrity!”

Medical Practice Owner