PEO Services

InTANDEM HR is a full service PEO that will help you save money and time when it comes to your employee payroll, benefits, personnel management and compliance needs. You can take advantage of local professionals with expert knowledge without the need to employ someone full-time so you can focus on what’s important – your core business.

Human Resources

Our professional empolyer services staff, either acting as your HR department or with your HR department, will identify, prioritize, and act on the ever changing needs of your business and all state and federal legislation so you don’t have to.

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Our PEO services include payroll submission, report printing and employee administration all via a Citrix Certified web portal and redundant back up up to ensure your data is secure and safe at all times.

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Benefits administration can be a complex area, leaving a large margin for error which can affect your profitability. Additionally, poor benefits administration can create serious liability and low employee satisfaction.

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Risk Management

Lost time due to injuries can significantly hurt your bottom line and lower employee morale and productivity. We work closely with you to help take the necessary steps to keep accidents from occurring and to keep your employees safe.

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“We love to work with
Their team is so responsive and we really feel they are a true partner who cares about what’s best for our staff and our operations.”

A Local Non-Profit

“InTANDEM HR has our back. We know we can trust that they have gone out to the market to shop for the best possible benefits package we can offer to our staff. The larger buying power we gain through the PEO relationship makes our package better than our competition.”

Software Company

“InTANDEM HR’s service in every aspect from insurance to payroll to managing complex employee concerns is unparalleled. They are personable and feel more like teammates than business associates. If I was going to summarize InTANDEM HR’s business model in a phrase, it would be “service with integrity!”

Medical Practice Owner