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Mobile devices present unique security risks because their size and nature generally puts them at higher exposure to threats than stationary devices. Indeed, lost and stolen mobile devices remain a top cause of a data breach.

Here are some ways to reduce your risk of suffering damages resulting from a lost or stolen mobile device.

Create a company mobile device policy

Organizations should create a mobile device security policy that sets forth the rules of using company mobile devices and the penalties for non-compliance. The policy should include best practices on how to reduce mobile device risks, including required employee training on how to properly and safely use mobile devices for business purposes.

Regularly install security patches and updates on all software, including anti-virus software

Software vulnerabilities are discovered routinely and software patches and updates often include security fixes to those vulnerabilities. It’s best practice to install all updates immediately (update all devices immediately, not just mobile devices!).

Password protect and enable full encryption on all mobile devices

Many state data breach notification laws contain an encryption safe harbor that says notification is not required if the compromised data was encrypted.

Additionally, use all the device’s built-in available security measures (e.g. touch identification).

Back up the device regularly

If a device is lost or stolen, your valuable data will remain safe and accessible.

Key takeaway

Mobile devices increase employee productivity, but their nature puts them at an increased risk of being lost or stolen. Take the above precautions to reduce the damages resulting from a lost or stolen mobile device.