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51% of security breaches occur inside an organization due to employee error or system glitches from business process failures.1 One of the easiest ways to avoid a breach is to tightly manage how paper documents are handled in the workplace. Clutter and disorganization can quickly lead to the loss of confidential information.

Quick tips for a clean desk policy:

-Make sure you have locked consoles and IT support.

-Ensure that when confidential information is in the workplace, it remains secure. Have up-to-date security software and that IT initiates screen locking on all computers.

-Train and educate your staff about the policy and why it is so important for everyone to follow it.

-Post small reminders about the policy throughout the office where paper is produced.

-Remind employees of the importance of consistently following the policy.

-Sensitive information should be protected at all times from anyone who may pass by, including other employees, cleaners and office visitors.

-A quick audit from time to time makes sure your employees are following your new policy and reinforces its importance, refreshes memories, and is a great way to get everyone involved.

Use findings to update your policy. If you notice that certain employees or departments are not following the Clean Desk Policy, there may be very simple reasons they are not complying. Or, they may not truly understand the risks associated with an information security breach for the company and everyone employed. Make sure everyone is on board to keep everyone safe from data breaches.