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This is a reprint from our partners at Anthem. We love their message here, and we are thinking of all of you and doing our best to learn and be better.

Our commitment to a more just community

Our communities are hurting after the tragic death of George Floyd, and countless others who came before him. We are all shaken by grief and frustration. Personally, these recent events have given me pause to reflect across the many aspects of my life — as a leader, as a citizen, and as a parent. There is a regrettable history of suffering and injustice in our Black community, and that suffering should be important to all of us.

The effects of COVID-19, together with the social unrest, have further illuminated the racial and health disparities that have plagued our communities. These local communities, where we live and work, are also where we serve you, our customers and members, through the lens of inclusion, acceptance and belonging. It’s always been a part of our foundation, a part of our founding tenets of Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, and who we are as people. But these recent weeks have spotlighted issues that we’ve not spent enough time talking about — not only as a company, but certainly as a society and as a country. We at Anthem are pledging to do more. You can count on us, and on me.

Today, Anthem and the Anthem Foundation announced commitments to drive national change with a $50 million pledge over the next five years focused on directly impacting racial injustice issues, strengthening our communities and addressing health inequities. With our 75-year history in local communities, Anthem is compelled by our values to improve the lives and the health of communities and help build a better, more equitable and healthier America.

Today’s investment will reinforce and strengthen long-standing partnerships with national and community organizations that are working tirelessly to combat systemic racial inequality and health inequities. As we build upon this legacy, Anthem and our Foundation will work side-by-side with new and existing partners to find ways to unify and bridge conversations around these issues and open an important dialogue for all Americans. Our engagement includes matching donations made by Anthem associates to non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing social and health disparities across the country, and working alongside small businesses in our communities to support their recovery and resilience through restoration and clean-up efforts.

We each have the ability — and obligation — to advance the change that is overdue and create a better future for everyone.

This is a time for healing, for reconciliation, and for action. This work won’t stop. We can and will do more to ensure that all of our members and customers, across all of our communities, are part of a more hopeful nation — together.

With compassion,


Gail Boudreaux, President and CEO