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InTANDEM HR is excited to announce a new, enhanced identity theft protection product, LifeLock. We are replacing our current “ID Watchdog” benefit with LifeLock effective July 1, 2019.

LifeLock has two levels of protection against identity theft, the “LifeLock Benefit Elite Plus” and “LifeLock Benefit Elite Premium” plans. Pricing for the Elite Plus plan is just $5.99 per month for employee only coverage, and $11.98 for employee plus family.  The Elite Premium plan is a low monthly charge of $12.49 for employee or $24.98 for employee plus family.   These benefits are a post-tax employee payroll deduction. Please see the attached flyer which explains the benefit differences and what the coverage can do for you and your family members to thwart would be and actual identity theft criminals.

What does this mean to you? If you are currently enrolled in ID Watchdog you have the option of cancelling your identity protection entirely, or enrolling in either of the new LifeLock Benefit plans. Please email no later than June 30, 2019 with your decision to cancel, enroll, and at which coverage level (employee only or employee + 1 or more family member). If you do not respond by June 30 you will be automatically enrolled in LifeLock Benefit Elite Premium plan at the same coverage level. You will not be able to modify this election until open enrollment (January 1st effective date year year).

We will no longer offer the ID Watchdog product after June 30, 2019. We trust you will find the improved LifeLock product to be a more robust option for protecting against and restoring any actual stolen identity theft.

Please contact InTANDEM HR at 303.955.7615 if you have any questions.