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The coronavirus outbreak has challenged all of us with taking a look at our business practices (to be fair, it has challenged us to look at everything!). Our collective goal is to continue serving all of our clients and to keep thriving internally as a business in a safe, smart, and healthy manner. We have taken the following steps to ensure service continuity:

1. All non-essential in-person meetings will be conducted via telephone or teleconference until further notice.
2. All internal staff members are prepared to and able to fully conduct all essential job functions from remote locations in the event of any personal or community quarantine.
3. All paychecks are being generated to direct deposit or paycard accounts, eliminating non-payment issues due to any shutdown or slow down of mail delivery service. Additionally any paper born contamination risk is eradicated.
4. Continuing to follow CDC guidelines for employers regarding the developing COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for your support and continued business while we all navigate this unusual time. We appreciate the opportunity to talk to our clients about their own business continuity strategies as well. Please contact us with any questions you may have about HR best practice.