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Denver Public Health and Environment has mandated that masks be worn in all public spaces effective November 24th. The order follows:

The Jeffco Board of Health passed a public health order Monday evening that requires masks in public indoor spaces for those 3 years old and older. The Tri-County Health Department, which covers Arapahoe and Adams counties, passed a similar measure shortly after the Jeffco vote. That order applies to people 2 years and older. This order goes into effect on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, at 12:01AM MST and will remain in effect at least until 01/03/2022.

Each of these counties orders contains a “vax or mask” provision. In Denver, “Fully Vaccinated Facility,”  as  used in this  Order, means  any  indoor  facility or portion of  an  indoor  facility where  the  owner,  operator  or  manager  has  verified that  at  least  95%  of  the  persons  within the  facility (including employees, invitees, attendees, patrons, customers, and any other  person entering  the facility)  have been  fully  vaccinated.     To be  considered a  Fully Vaccinated Facility, the  owner, operator  or  manager  of  the  facility must  notify DDPHE  of the  name  of  the  facility, address  of  the  facility, type  of  facility (office  building, gym, etc), contact  information of  the  person at  the  facility responsible  for verifying the  vaccination  status  of  persons  within  the  facility, and the  date  the facility began collecting vaccination status. “Fully  vaccinated” means  two  weeks  after  a person’s  second  dose in  a two-dose series  and  two  weeks  after  a single-dose vaccine.  

These orders affect your businesses and your employees who are working in any public area in any of the noted counties. Boulder County has had an indoor mask mandate prior to these new issuances.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional information, as necessary.