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The year 2020 brought forth an onslaught of fraudulent unemployment claims all across the country. Colorado was no exception. After a period of relative absence of phony claims, the fraudsters are back at it. Recently, the CDLE (Colorado Department of Labor and Employment) issued the following alert to employers AND claimaints:

ALERT | 4.20.2023 | 1:30 p.m.

CDLE is experiencing an uptick in fraudulent attempts to gain access to Unemployment Insurance benefits. Fraudsters are attempting to hijack existing claims and file new fraudulent claims for people not already in the system. If you receive an email asking you to reset your password, please ignore this message and follow these instructions:

IF YOU ARE NOT A UI CLAIMANT: Please fill out a fraud reporting form on our website. If your employer notifies you that someone has filed a claim on your behalf, please have them also fill out a fraud form.

CURRENT CLAIMANTS should ignore the email and log in to their MyUI+ account from the official UI website, in order to verify that your information (contact, banking, payments, etc) is correct.

If you are able to log in and all your information is correct, no further action is necessary.

If you log in to your account and your information has been altered, please update the information and then reset your password. If you notice that a payment has gone to an account that is not yours, please fill out a fraud form on our website*. If you are NOT able to log in to your account, please fill out a fraud report on our website (instructions below)*.

*Please note that if you fill out a fraud report, you may be temporarily locked out of your account while we investigate the issue.

InTANDEM HR will continue to detect and report fraudulent unemployment claims as they are received.